The Bible Approves Abortion


It’s important to remember the Bible never actually mentions abortion!  This is very important, given the Bible’s thousands of do’s and don’ts covering almost everything else.  Because some anti-abortion religions take vague passages (about other things) and use them to say this means God is opposed to abortion, here are some other passages (including that important Numbers 5 passage) to  show that if God did have an opinion, he would probably support women’s abortions.

1)  In Numbers 5: 11-31, God actually creates an abortion.  It says that if a pregnant woman has been unfaithful to her husband, he can bring her to a priest who will give her a special potion to drink.  If the future child is really her husband’s, God will make the potion harmless and allow her to continue on with her pregnancy.  But if it is another man’s, God will change the potion into an anti-abortion drug, so she’ll miscarry and end the pregnancy (in verse 22).

2) In Exodus 21:22-25, God doesn’t consider a fetus to be a “human being.” It says that if a man hits a pregnant woman and causes her to have a miscarriage, the punishment will be only paying some money to the husband.  But if his blow kills the woman, he should be put to death (under the “eye for an eye/life for a life” principle).   What this means:  if the fetus was actually considered a human “life” then that man would have to be put to death under the “life for a life” principle.  But since only a money fine is the penalty, it is clear that the fetus is not considered a life.  It also indicates God considers a woman’s life much more important than a fetus.

3)  In Genesis 2:7, God waits until babies are breathing to call them “human beings.”  It says, “The Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Clearly, God considers there’s a major difference between fetuses and babies.

And also: 

Neither Jesus, or any of the prophets or disciples ever mention abortion.  Christians who think Jesus opposes abortion have absolutely no basis for that belief.

Some anti-abortion Christians incorrectly use Jeremiah 1: 1-7 (where God tells Jeremiah that he ‘knew’ him before he was born) to indicate God therefore opposes abortion.  But because most Christians believe “God knows all things,” the fact that he ‘knew’ when he was a fetus doesn’t really mean anything special.

And, because God knows all things, he surely also knows that only one third of all human embryos ever become babies/human beings…that due to natural defects or other causes, two out of every three embryos either won’t attach to the woman’s uterus or will wind up in a miscarriage (due to other problems) later in the pregnancy.  See:

It’s interesting that those who protest abortion — claiming how God loves “all the unborn” – have no explanation for why God could allow all those “unborn” embryos to never become people.